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As long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. Although my subject matter may have changed with time, what has not changed it my attraction to nature. Being drawn in by sunlight, shadows textures and details all with rich colors. I know I am best challenged when the work has a high element of complexity. I spend much time and effort exploring my subjects - striving to gather as much information as possible before I begin working. My first love is working with water mediums - from watercolors, through acrylics and most recently water soluble oils. Often I may explore the same or similar subject in different mediums.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

well - progressing nicely

Well - I have been painting a good part of yesterday and today.  It is just the georgous sunshine keeps calling me to go outside! And on the East Coast - you have to grab the sun when it shines.  I am getting excited to finish this one though - have so many more to start working on. It's almost funny - I started to draw our pansies and set it aside, all the same colours.  May need to paint hmmm.... reds?


  1. Helen,

    This is going to be stunning.... it already is stunning. Can't wait to see it in real life.

  2. the flowers are lovely

  3. Lilacs are my favorite flowers. You captured them beautifully. =0)