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As long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. Although my subject matter may have changed with time, what has not changed it my attraction to nature. Being drawn in by sunlight, shadows textures and details all with rich colors. I know I am best challenged when the work has a high element of complexity. I spend much time and effort exploring my subjects - striving to gather as much information as possible before I begin working. My first love is working with water mediums - from watercolors, through acrylics and most recently water soluble oils. Often I may explore the same or similar subject in different mediums.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's next?

Now that I have finished painting the roses, I have to decide on the next painting.  I have a series in mind to create for another show… am pretty anxious to get going with it, but alas, have to wait it out until after my fall show.

I took the opportunity to sketch out a number of piecesmonday evening.  Really rough sketches to see where my heart is at.  I am also anxious to paint some more birds – but they too will have to wait. 

One of the sketches is of a vase of old fashioned pink peonies sitting on our concrete bench.  Another photo has some dropped petals at its base.  Hmmm... merging the two in a sketch would be quite complex and quite inspiring as well.

Drew out my potted begonias on a 22 x 30 sheet of Ampersand Aquabord as well – complete with a Herculean spider!  And also drew out two sketches of our doggie Sadie.  She is soooo expressive.   Makes me smile.

This may come down to a toss of a coin – where I start painting.

And in the fall, I will paint anything but flowers for about six months I am sure!

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